The main principle and objective of the General Directorate of Construction and Technique is to prepare healthy, peaceful and safe places for the employees and students of our institution as well as constructing modern service buildings and facilities. Our aim is to engage projects that are economical and that can be completed in a short period of time and to ensure that these areas are opened to the use of both our staff and students.

Our Department conducts construction and reparation services with the budget reserved in order for education services in our university to be conducted efficiently and in a healthy way.

The organizational structure of the General Directorate of Construction and Technique consists of 1 department head, 1 vice head of department and 6 department chiefs. A total of 88 staff consisting of 18 engineers, 7 architects, 5 researchers, 7 technicians, 34 operatives, 5 technician assistants, 8 administrative staff and 2 contract employees work in our department.